Reverse Innovation IS Innovation

After several years in the design industry I lost some memory on the reasons I wanted to become a designer, make things and deliver innovative products. Recollecting my thoughts and having had the time to re-compose my last ten years of professional adventures, a clearer picture slowly came up again.

Froog is Frugal Innovation

Froog is a research investigating the intersection of frugal innovation and design.

Froog is debating why we design things and how we can do good with less.

Froog is collecting ideas and useful informations about Sustainable Design Thinking.

Froog is open to anyone interested in sharing their thoughts and ideas about creative and entrepreneurial experiences.



I’m  currently curating this blog and collecting informations about alternative design methods and frugal designers and entrepreneurs.
Please Help! Send me an email with a useful info, links, or names. Thanks!



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If you like to participate to the group Froog’s research results will be shared with you. Questionnaires will be redacted down the way.



Thanks for tuning in!