Streamago UX Architecture

Streamago is a live video streaming app very popular in Europe.

  • Created a streamlined UX prototype for the on-boarding process.
  • Defined several improvements during registration - access of camera/mic and privacy policy.
  • Designed mockups and user flows using AdobeXD and other prototyping tools.
  • Re-designed and simplified the video app experience for Android and iOS.
Streamago Analysis Pre Redesign

Before the study a complex but precise graph can show weak points and bottlenecks during navigation. User experience is not fluid and few functions are recalled by different graphical elements.


UX-architecture-1 BEFORE

After a complete redesign of the same landing screens and arranging different critical user action requests the app looks different and ready for a round of quantitative tests. AB tests and timed UX simulations were used to define performance on different devices.


UX-architecture-2 - AFTER

Low quality interactive mockups are made to test finger moves and ease of use in the new UX. Some critical aspects of video streaming apps is the presence of a censorship loop that requires the user to be notified if a recorded video is not available anymore. VOD and Live players have different functionalities and creating a clear reference for the user to follow is strategic to the development of a strong user base that wants to capitalize on recorded videos and live interactions with the followers.

My choice is to work from the inside-out and compare specific design choices with the business strategy requirements. Mix Panel and other backends were used to define the UX strategy and architecture during prototyping phases.

UX-architecture-4 Low FI UI