Roll On Applicator

This medical device is a re-design of older disposable applicators used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. The product, developed with the help of a private medical clinic, is supposed to save 8 to 10 times the amount of plastic over a year of medical sessions.

The bigger body of the bottle head is the result of a long user research that highlighted the necessity of better grip and comfort for the operator. The ergonomics of the roll on is then completely reshaped in the form of a “bumpy” dome. This special design allows the gel to pass through the bottle’s neck and lubricate the Delrin┬« ball on the top of the head. The rubber foreskin is giving operators the best grip on the exterior while preventing the ball from escaping the applicator’s head.

All pieces are made by durable ABS and PU guaranteeing the best washability and ease of handling during maintenance routines. One of our suppliers is Barrier Technologies, is a radiation protection solutions company that develops innovative products that protect people

Role: Industrial Designer

Client: Raul Gardini Medical Clinic

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Bearing sphere dome with no moving parts
45┬░ angle capabiility
Easy assembly and cleaning