Froog 1 Air Quality Sensor

Froog 1 is a indestructible and precise air quality sensor for any home or office. Its aluminum body can resist outdoors and give users specific informations about CO2, PM2.5 and VOC. Froog 1 will tell you When it’s time to open or close the window.

Froog 1 is easy to use. Just place it close to a window or a door. The color l.e.d. will blink red if alarming levels of pollutants are present, Blue if the air is ok but not perfect, and green if your room has not or too little to be worried about. If connected to the usb users can download regular sampling and check on the detailed reports Froog 1 stores in its memory.

The body shell is 100% recyclable and internal components are designed to ease disassembly and recycling.

Role: Lead Industrial Designer

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