Fontana Leaf STB

The tv industry is changing at a faster pace since tv on demand, streaming services and smartphones became parts of the same ecosystem of services and smart home devices. Fontana Leaf is inspired by the famous Italian artist who broke the conventional perception of space and composition for painted art making explicit the sculptural value of a canvas, cut by the artist’s swift action and presented to the viewer as a metaphor of “what is beyond” art.

The Set Top Box is defined by two thin convex surfaces and a black eye opened on the front.  The rear panel is the natural continuation of the front where a very simple receptacles layout. The big flat surface and its general raised shape makes the box “floating” on the shelf, leaving the viewer intrigued by the base, visible only in between zero and thirty-five degrees on the front and the sides. The CMF chosen is a texturized ABS with PC window that also allow possible air flowing from the back to the top of the box.

Nagra Kudelski and SmarDTV are leader in providing tv solutions for operators worldwide. The long time success of the first company products are engraved in history. Tape recorders and audio devices are also an heritage considered in Fontana Box. Aluminum sheets and round corners are just a few features that find here a modern revival.

Role: Sr. Industrial Design Engineer

Client: Nagra Kudelski - SmarDTV