Design Meaningfully

Florentin Hortopan is a hybrid physical and digital maker who's attention focuses on social and cultural behavior, creative culture and design strategy. In Florentin's creations functional and aesthetic features are fused together respecting their material dignity and intuitive use, resulting in good and sincere design that is sometimes transcending its recognizable or traditional  style.

Trained in a vibrant industrial and artisanal environment, he perceive the practice of design as the drafting of a script. An everyday life story that can be only outlined by the designer and finally becomes a bold statement by the manufacturing work of many others, and finally writes its own play in the users' hands.

Human centered design practitioner, Florentin fuses the best physical and digital techniques to design meaningful, user friendly products and experiences. He recursively evolved design vision and capabilities while keeping strategic direction among design, engineering, manufacturing teams.

He uses analytical tools as well as craftsman’s abilities to deliver measurable solutions and ensuring exceptional execution during manufacturing. Collaborative and passionate team player is driven by real human needs and ingenious solutions.

Florentin has extensive experience with corporations, design agencies, consultancy groups, startups – nationally and internationally. He led culturally diverse teams and mentored junior designers also developing design and product managing tools while following multiple projects.

— Awards —

TechTextil Int.
Tuscan Design Award
WMA Web Award

— Publications —

Industrial Design Served
Domus Magazine
Cult Of Mac
Zona Magazine

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